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Health and Nutrition Related Articles

Online Restart Class Begins Sept 4th

      My next 5 week Online Restart Class begins, Tuesday, September 4th at 7 pm Central Time. The class makes learning to eat healthy, fun and easy! I enjoy watching my participants learn how doable it can be to eat in a way that nourishes their bodies and yet keeps them feeling full and satisfied. A 5 week class including a 
3 week

We Were Born to Thrive!

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We were not born to just survive.  We were born to Thrive! Thinking back lately on my journey to better health,  I have to give God the credit and praise.  When I prayed to God during the worst of my health crisis with Graves Disease, He answered my  prayers. God showed me how holistic health could give me answers and direct me on a healing

Natural Ways to Strengthen the Immune System


In our germ filled world with increasingly virulent bacteria, it is important to keep the immune system strong.  Yesterday I learned of a sweet friend’s frightening health challenge.  Last summer, she was bitten by a wasp and the bite quickly became infected.  The local infection spread to her blood and she became septic.  After several rounds of antibiotics and an overnight hospital stay, her infection

The Most Useful Food Sensitivity Test – The MRT 170


I am thankful that I discovered the MRT 170 Food Sensitivity Test because even though I was eating a healthy diet, I still wasn't feeling 100%. Sometimes after I ate, I could feel my heart race and I knew from past experience that my heart races when I am reacting to certain foods.  The problem was that it was difficult figuring out which foods were

The Dietary Wisdom of Our Ancestors


Much confusion exists today about what encompasses a healthy diet.  Is a low fat diet best?  What  about a low carbohydrate, high protein diet?  To solve this confusion, the Nutritional Therapy Association looks to the research of one of the great nutritional pioneers, Dr. Weston A. Price.  Dr. Price noticed that his dental patient’s mouths and health were deteriorating in the 1920’s when the nation’s

The Importance of Proper Digestion


  The proper digestion of our food is vitally important to the health or our bodies. Our bodies rely on the nutrients received from our food for all of it's functions.  In order to get all of the nutrients and fuel from our food, we must break down the food we eat into small enough particles so that the nutrients can pass through the wall